The Wild Startup: The Team Is Here!

The Wild Startup - The Team is Here!

The office is not ready yet, so we have to work from the home office for a few more days. But we are now, finally and officially, a team!

The first employees of Wild are Rogers, the financials and administrative manager, Rodney, marketing manager, and Sidney, our visual storyteller (a fancy word for photographer and editor).

Welcome to Wild!

We have also had two amazing volunteers from Challenges Worldwide with us for a few weeks; Ossian and Josh. Thank you for your support and contributions!

Yes, we are a male only team at the moment. We hope to change this soon… Please stay tuned!

The Wild Startup E4: The Wild Team

Why have an office without the staff to operate in it? We are proud to say that we have hired our first operatives and purchased what they need to operate. We are sure they will deliver.#wearewild #startup #coffee

Posted by Wild on Wednesday, December 13, 2017

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