Directly from the birthplace of coffee

This is where it all started: Like the first humans, coffee was born in the heart of Africa. Since then, both humans and coffee have spread all over the world. But some of the World’s best coffees still remain in the place where is was born.
Wild is constantly searching for the very best coffees in the region – even if it means going to the most inaccessible places. Our goal is to provide a varied selection of great coffee, so you can experience the rich, diverse and wide-ranging flavours of African coffee.

Perfect Hub for African Coffee - Wild Coffee

The perfect hub for African coffee

Perfectly located in Uganda, the Pearl of Africa, Wild is delivering coffee from some of the best coffee growing countries in the world: Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi, DR Congo, South Sudan and Uganda. Every month Wild provides you with a new and unique, single origin coffee from the heart of Africa. Directly from the farmer – directly from the birthplace of coffee – to you.
As we go hunting for the best coffee, and any episodes from the road as well as the meetings with the farmers, will be shared with our customers. Our coffee farmers are invited to share their story with you, allowing you to know personally who has done the hard work behind your cup of coffee. Join us on our coffee adventure!

Wild Coffee Arabica Cherries

It all starts with the bean

It is said that 90% of the quality of the coffee comes from the farm. This makes the farmer’s work so important – and worthy of being rewarded. Consequently, we put a lot effort into hunting for the very best coffee in Africa. We go to the source, to the individual farmer, get to know them, and looks at how they take care of their garden and their coffee beans. If necessary, we offer them help in acquiring more knowledge to improve the quality even further.The same goes for our own farm. We are so proud of the coffee our amazing staff at GLADfarm produces, and their dedication to always learn, always improve.
So what are we looking for? What is our dream candidate for Wild coffee? A coffee that – just like a good bottle of wine – brings out the unique aromas and flavors of the place where it grows. The exploding greens of the forest. The soil. The flowers, the berries, the herbs and spices. The perfume of the forest where everything started.