Fixing A Broken Business Model

Wild has been established to pioneer a new business model in the coffee industry, as we believe the existing business model is outdated and ripe for a disruptive change.
Today, coffee is traded through a long chain of middlemen, each securing their share of the value generated, before the coffee finally reaches the end consumer. The higher up the value chain, the higher the profits. The bulk of profits are generated, and remains, in the developed countries, far from the coffee growing countries. And the coffee farmers? They receive a very small share: The Ugandan farmer only receives 2,5% of the total value of the coffee they grows. This just isn’t good enough.

The Wild Premium

Wild have a goal of paying a 100% premium above market price for all coffee we buy from the farmer. This is possible due to our direct trade, no middlemen, business model.

Wild Coffee Roasting

Doing The Entire Value Chain in Uganda

Almost all coffee grown in Africa is exported as green beans, to be roasted, packed and branded in the rich, developed countries. This deprives Africa of the main value potential of the coffee. Wild does everything in Uganda: sourcing, roasting, packaging, branding, marketing and sales. And from here we ship directly to the end consumer.

Supporting The Ugandan Economy

Coffee is the most important export in Uganda. However, as almost all coffee is exported as green beans, Uganda misses out on most of the value potential. Wild hope to show that there is another way, by spearheading a new business model with huge potential for added income, taxes and employment.

The Need for Employment

Uganda has the youngest population in the world , and the fastest growing: by 2050 Uganda is expected to have about 100 million inhabitants – almost three times the number today. This means there is a huge need of jobs. By doing the entire value chain in Uganda, Wild generates employment even after the coffee leaves the farm: from unskilled to highly skilled jobs.