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For the heart
of Africa



To build, as a team,
a global brand

Roshan Nabateesa

Marketing Manager

Besides being the outfit queen of our office (no competition there), Roshan is a fierce marketer, never resting from sharing the story of Wild to anyone and everyone.
Creative and playful, and not taking herself too serious, Roshan always contributes to the wildness of Wild.

Rodney Aijuka

Marketing Manager

Rodney was the first missionary of The Wild Church of Coffee (or, the first member of the Wild marketing team), laying the foundation of our social media presence.
Besides his love for singing and dancing, Rodney is a talented young marketer and communicator, passionate in all that he does.

Sidney Aine

Photographer and Editor

Sidney is the face and eyes behind our visual content. He has a passion for fresh and original visual solutions, always pushing for better creative work.
His charm, creativity and drive for outstanding results is an absolutely essential part of the storytelling of Wild.

Rogers Ssekamatte

Financial and Administrative Manager

Rogers is a man of integrity and character. A great family man and detail oriented professional with great ambitions all wrapped up in one package.
Being a wizard with numbers and an awesome administrator, Rogers keeps the Wild HQ running through his unique combination of skills and smiles.

Endre Vestvik


Fell in love with Africa on his first visit to the continent in 1998 when he went on the adventure of a lifetime, deep into the heart of DR Congo to shoot a documentary. Has since returned as often as possible, before finally leaving the film industry behind to unite two of his main passions: coffee + Africa. Besides that, he has this odd obsession with suits and vintage ties – just like his heroes: the sapeurs of Congo.